10+ Awesome Orleans Shotgun Duplex with Vintage Charm

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Living space will represent the owner’s character just like what we see in Orleans Shotgun Duplex. Home design usually will grow to follow the growth of the personal character of the owner too. In this modern era, we will be able to find so many living spaces that are made with so many designs. It will depend on the character, job of the owner, and some other things. One of the interesting living spaces in the world can be seen in the Breeze Braunschweig and also Lauren Well’s duplex. The duplex is 1600sq and it is located in New Orleans. You can see vintage style in some of parts of the duplex.

This duplex is made with a double shotgun format. In this style, you can see the application of bohemian warmth style in some elements inside of the duplex such as the use of cupboard and chimney. The result of this style is virtually legendary because what we see inside of the duplex is similar to all things that we usually see in the movie. How about decoration inside of this duplex? For the decoration and furnishing of this duplex you can see a sense of warmth, delight, and also romantic in some parts inside of this living space.

For all of you who want to create a shotgun duplex concept too, you need to note that you must choose to use blue, pink shade and also some little white color. Moving to the living room, you need to create minimalist furnishing. The use of sofa is important too for your living room. You better choose a sofa with a personal color. You can add a spherical espresso desk in the living room too. How about adding a carpet for the living room? You can add a handwoven carpet. On the wall, you can add hanging art or vintage art that can tell a story to people who look at the wall art in your vintage charm duplex.

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