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Can you imagine staying in a place in the rocks? That might sound like a silly thing. However, once you have seen a hotel called La Dimora di Matello, it does not sound silly at all. This hotel is a four-room hotel that is equipped with a spa. It is located in Matera, which is a city in Southern Italy.

If you are looking for some rock decoration ideas, then you need to check this hotel out. This place is originally an ancient limestone grotto. However, with the help of a couple of architects, this heritage is turned into a gorgeous chic boutique hotel.

Marina and Alfredo from the Manca Studio firm are the ones responsible for the redesign of this limestone grotto. They saw this ancient beauty and refreshed it into a gorgeous place in the rocks. This hotel got quite a bit of attention because of how unique it is.

The design of this hotel is very one of a kind. Marina and Alfredo did a great job of redesigning the place without destroying the authenticity that this limestone grotto has. You can see rocks all over the walls that are displayed purposely as decorations. This unique design gives this hotel a very calming atmosphere.

If you take a closer at the design of this hotel, you can see that everything is quite simple. There is not any flashy furniture or extravagant decorations that the designer use. However, with this simple design, the hotel still looks marvelous. This can be a great design idea for your house. Keeping it simple is key when it comes to creating a calm and atmospheric design.

Decorating your house using rocks might sound silly. But the design in La Dimora di Matello can prove you wrong. Some rock decoration ideas can inspire you to create the most beautiful home.

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