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Do you like a stair runner? Do you know what things you should do to add it? Well, if you think that you absolutely love a stair runner but you are not sure about what you should do to start, this is what you need. We are here and we provide you the images of the stair runner to complete all kinds of houses.

Adding a stair runner is more than just to complete the stair. Actually, it makes the stair looks more beautiful and more stylish than ever. Well, you can compare that the stair without stair runner looks a little bit bland. Even better, you can use a stair runner as safety. As we know that exposed wood stair looks gorgeous but at the same time can be dangerous because it is slippery.

Does it possible to use a stair runner for an exposed wood staircase? Well, it is possible! It looks more beautiful if you paint the risers in white. After that, you can add a white stair runner to complete a classic look. The wood tread and the white risers look unmatched.

So, what is the best thing to know when it comes to choosing the best carpet? There are many stair runners available on the market. The question is about choosing the best one. The key point is to go with the durable carpet design, why? It is because it will work hard. The stair runner is there to get a lot of impact including the force of gravity and a lot of use. Nylon and wool are the most durable and desirable stair runner that will not sacrifice the look.

Other than that, you can consider a carpet pile. But make sure that you buy the highest durability to save more money in the future because you will not replace the carpet too often.

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