20+ Lovely Black And Red Home Interior Design That Will Inspire You

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Black and red interior ideas may give you a bunch of new insights. If you usually see monochrome and neutral colors for interior styling choice, now you can experiment with black and red. You can apply it at once or use one for the main color and another for an accent color. The rule is as simple as how you arrange your outfit. For example, if you wear an outfit, you may choose a small piece of red bracelet. You can apply this rule to your house as well.

Generally, you can apply the color in your house after deciding the style. Contemporary design tends to bring in more neutral elements with pop colors. This is why red and black can mingle well. Choosing bright yet bold red for the door. Going inside, you can infuse red on throws, rugs, or pillows. This also applied to black. Mixing red and black for throws and pillows would be black and red interior ideas.

Meanwhile, if you want to stick with the modern design style, you can use all types of reds. Burgundy adds a classic shade if you use it for the primary hue. You can alter burgundy with brown undertones. Putting red for the door will make a strong statement. Meanwhile, using red for a piece of art makes an interesting focal point in the room.

Going with the traditional design that commonly uses neutral palettes, this can be an excellent canvas for red. You can skip the door for the neutral theme. Meanwhile, you can go with a softer hue for the inside part of the house. You can infuse the color for the table lamps and the piece of art you hang on the wall. Make sure you always put a rug in the room because it determines the area. Take a look at the pictures below for more black and red interior ideas.

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