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Can you imagine how to design a living room, dining room, and kitchen in the one-floor plan? Well, it can be challenging but that happens if you live in a studio apartment. The open flooring plan means that you will use the living room, dining room, and kitchen in the same area. So here, we have compiled some images of the living room and dining room designs along with the kitchen. You can learn how to deal with the furniture, color, and layout to make the space more functional and beautiful.

It is possible to create a compact apartment with one bedroom. Your task is how you can create airy, light, and open space. To start, you can check the walls. Make sure that you paint the walls in white to offer bright space. Other than that, you can design it with light furnishing. Place the table along with the window by adding a pendant light and plenty of light into its space.

The combination of the living room and dining room means that you should create a division. The division does not mean that there should be walls or dividers. But, you can try on the large floor, ceiling bookshelves, and others.

Who says that the combination of the living room and dining room area does not allow you to have a chic and modern design? It is possible to do it. You can try for completing the space with a black and white accent. The accent helps you create visual interest without leaving any clutter to space.

A small apartment with a living room dining room kitchen combo offers minimalist and modern ideas. It means that you just have to style the available space. The best choice is to use the Scandinavian style. In another word, we recommend you go with Scandinavian furniture, an antique flair for the lighting, and rich hardwood with the pattern.

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