30+ Best Styles Yellow Brick Home Inspirations Ideas

The pictures of yellow brick home ideas below are great examples of fun vibe without overwhelming the house. When the modern style sticks to neutral colors and monochromes, using bold and colorful colors for the exterior can be a new fun. When it comes to choosing paint colors for the exterior, a few things should be considered. Just keep in mind that the best color is supposed to highlight the best feature of your house.

If you are living in a new house, you can simply pick the color that feels suitable for the best feature of your house. However, if you live in a house full of history, you may need to honor it. Historic color palettes are widely available on the market. These yellow brick home ideas could inspire you on applying the paint.

A simpler architecture of a house, on the other hand, requires fewer colors after all. You can always use software to mix and match colors before picking one or two for the exterior.
Another thing that may guide you on choosing paint colors is the neighbor’s house. Your neighbors’ houses will give you a hint of color palette you can try. If your house is located apart from the neighbor’s house, you can consider the surrounded environment and the style of your house.

According to the shape of your house, you can emphasize the architectural details. Painting the detail with an accent color will give a fresh touch to the exterior of your house. However, make sure that the color you choose has an intentional relationship with the house’s background color. Light colors draw the eye for a larger and wider space. On the other hand, you can use dark for a more dramatic look. Check out these yellow brick home ideas for inspiration. Keep in mind that the balance should be over anything.

image source : pinterest.com

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