30+ Cool and Scary Outdoor Halloween Decor DIY Ideas

Since everyone loves Halloween, you need to check these scary Halloween decor ideas to make the most out of it. Halloween is the time when everyone scares anyone else. Your neighbors will start to decorate their houses with the scariest yet coolest decorations. If you are into Halloween, these pictures above will inspire you to make DIY decor for a scary Halloween without ripping your budget.

Have you ever thought of inserting a head in a jar? This would be a cool decoration for your front porch. Also, it is scary. All you need to do is to laminate a piece of paper with a printed head picture on it. Put the paper inside a jar and fill the jar with water. Feel free to use your head for the picture. It works pretty well to scare people in Halloween.

Creating a ghost in your front yard would also be the next scary Halloween decor ideas you must try. You just need to gather chicken wire and shape it into a standing human. Feel free to locate it in the backyard or front yard. Just don’t tell anyone you’ve made this stuff. It’s going to scare your neighbors and friends for sure.

Pumpkins are the most standard decoration for Halloween. Don’t worry because you can bring the scary to the next level. Puking pumpkins would be another creative Halloween decoration. Besides, no one ever saw a puking pumpkin. What would it puke after all? Well, you decide. It could be tasty treats or even its pumpkin brains!

If you are into creating ghosts, you can try to make tape ghosts. Hanging tape ghosts on the tree in your front yard would be a good trick to scare your friends and neighbors. It’s insanely good to scare people in Halloween. Also, check out pictures below for more scary Halloween decor ideas.

image source : pinterest.com

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