30+ Interesting Recycled Pallet Beds You Need To Try

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As you know that you can use wood pallets and repurpose it to make creative things from the simplest to the hardest one. One of the best creative things to make from pallets is the bed. You can put together pallet boards and make a bed even though this is your first DIY project.

The easiest project on how to make a pallet beds from recycled pallets is to create a platform. It will be the place for your mattress. Whether you want to make low or high pallet bed platforms, you need to place the side of the pallet by side. Also, stack it on the top of each other. Keep in mind that you should secure the pallets together by using zip ties. Other than that, secure them sturdily by using brackets.

Another way to do this is to use four-block pallets. To start, create two layers of the pallet board. After that, use blocks in between them to make a sturdy bed platform. So, this is good enough to support the mattress. Additionally, it is possible to add practical storage cubbies beneath the bed to support books and shoes.

Well, it is true that when you decide to build a bed from pallet boards, it may end up beyond your expectations. It is like the result makes you disappointed because it looks imperfect. But, whatever the result is, at least you can see the advantage of pallet wood. You can recycle it to save more trees and to help the environment.

There are many things you can do with pallet wood. For example, you can create a place to sleep outside of your house, called a swing bed. So, a swing bed means that you hang the bed on a tree outside of your house. This is easy to do. The key point is to make sure that the base of the pallet is sturdy enough to support the user. Also, make sure that you tie the rope and hang it securely under a large tree.

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