30+ The Top Small Bedroom Ideas For Couples

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Do you have a small bedroom? Well, you can do some things to make it bigger. Having a small bedroom means that you should be more creative. For example, you should use the available space so it is functional. Also, it is important to choose the right bedroom layout. The goal is to make it feels more stylish and larger than before.

To start, it is good to focus on how to arrange a small area. The way you arrange the space will give an impact on the feel and the look of your room. You need to put the bed in the center of the wall that faces the doorway. Putting it in the center will give layout symmetry. Therefore, it makes your space more valuable.

Is it possible to add nightstands? Even if the space is not good for a single nightstand, you should remove it. This is good to add more space to your room, so you can place your bed a little bit closer to the wall. After that, replace the nightstand with an overhead shelf for your lighting.

Next, when you want to use the floor space but it is limited, the best way is to add a tall dresser. This is what you need if you need extra furniture since your closet space is limited too. Well, it also looks ideal when you add a tall and narrow chest and use it as a TV stand. Otherwise, remove the chest and add a flat-screen TV by mounting it on the wall.

The final touch is your rug. This is the best way to make a small room look cozier and bigger. It adds colors and patterns that should work together with your bedroom design. If you place your bed in the center of the room, the best rug to add is 2/3 the way under. But, if you place your bed in a corner, you need a rug next to the bed. Here you can get more inspirations!

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