20+ Elegant Kitchens With Open Shelving

The kitchen is one of the most frequent places you use in the house. In this place, you can make any kind of food you want as long as you know the recipe and know how to make it. So, basically, this place is the workplace. In my personal opinion, cooking is the best activity to relieve a lot of stress. It is inevitable to decorate your kitchen with an elegant aura in it. Moreover, there are a lot of ideas on the internet, and one of them is an open shelf kitchen. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about open shelves kitchen decor with elegant aura.

When it comes to open shelves, the best impression that came out to my mind is spacious in the kitchen. Somehow, the kitchen has an illusion that made it spacious, even though it is actually a bit narrow. This illusion is very similar to the minimalist theme that a lot of people apply in their house.

Open shelves storages are actually easier to create and install than the ones with doors. This is an indicator that open shelves storages are very identical and similar to the minimalist theme. Now, there is only one step more to apply open shelves kitchen decor to do. It is almost finished.

Don’t forget to repaint your kitchen. The best color for the wall and ceiling is the neutral colors, such as white. Neutral colors are popular in minimalist themes, and they are the ones that made an optical illusion that made the room spacious.

As for the summary, the open shelves kitchen decor is actually one of many parts of the minimalist style. With the open shelves and neutral colors that made the kitchen somehow elegant, this will make the kitchen feel spacious than before.

image source : pinterest.com

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