25+ Wonderful Cherry Wood Cabinets Kitchen Decorating Ideas

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The dark cherry cabinet is what you need to add a luxurious touch to your kitchen. It is because the color offers rich red tones. Of course, there are some wall colors that can go with a dark cherry cabinet. But, each color will create a different effect. Therefore, before choosing the best color, it is better to understand whether you want to increase or decrease the undertones of red in this cabinet.

The first thing you should do is to look around the space. If you think that your kitchen is small, we recommend you to use pastels and whites. These colors are perfect to create an illusion so that your kitchen feels larger.

On the other hand, if you want to make it more inviting and want to enhance the warmth of red undertones, go with neutral colors. You will need neutral colors for the walls such as browns, grays, golden yellows, and browns. These colors help you create a warm and subtle look for the dark cherry cabinet. But, if you want to give a dramatic look, make sure you use shades of gray for the backdrop of the cabinet. Otherwise, go with warmer neutrals like golden yellow, deep yellow, or butter shade.

Additionally, you can choose a color that gives a contrast look to the dark cherry cabinet. We are talking about green as a complementary color. The combination of these colors will give a brighter and cleaner feel. The complementary color for red is green. Therefore, you should go with it. There are some options available such as hunter green or grass to give a dramatic look and muted shades like olive green or moss for a subtle effect.

If you need more inspirations about the best colors and decors for a dark cherry cabinet in your kitchen, you can check our gallery and get inspired!

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