38+ Creative Hidden Storage Design Ideas

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Do you live in a small space? Well, it does not mean that you cannot keep many items there. It means that you must be creative by using some tips on how to have storage in a small space. It requires a little strategy to live in a small area in which you just have to organize the space with storage.

In fact, it is important to know that there is a lot of small home has little closet space. Therefore, it can be challenging to deal with the storage option. What you can do is to create a little storage near your front door. You can use hooks or open shelves as the dropzone that looks perfect for your family. Other than that, you can try adding use bins or baskets on the shelves just to store items for everyone at home.

Additionally, it is better to invest your money by purchasing furniture that helps you provide hidden storage. This is what you need to make sure that you can grab those things to hide when you see your guests are coming inside. For example, you can buy a flip-top storage bench so no one can see the items you hide there and the space looks tidy.

Another basic storage solution is using incremental storage. It is what you need to deal with a small space. Also, this is a simple addition to complete your house. Of course, it can be a small and notched-back self-design that will provide enough room for glass canisters. You can use it to store small pieces.

Open shelves are also what you need to provide extra storage in most areas at home. You can install it easily without taking too much flooring space. What you need to do is to install the open shelves by mounting them on the wall and use the horizontal space.

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