45+ Amazing White Wood Beams Ceiling Ideas For Cottage

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One of the interesting architectural features is exposed ceiling beams. It is a great addition to any home to create a unique touch to space. In fact, there are many options when it comes to the type and the style of the ceiling beams. If you think that you love its look, it is good to find the best one to complete your choice.

First, you can create a dramatic ceiling beam. It means that you give a high contrast between the ceiling and the ceiling beams. For example, you can choose high gloss black ceiling beams to match the white matte ceiling design. Do this way and you will get a bold look. After that, it looks perfect for a black and white room. The high contrast creates an eye-catching look.

Do you like the rustic style? It is good to start with wood ceiling planks that have a rough finish. You can combine it with chunky crossbeams. This is a good way to give warmth and texture. After that, make it more perfect by adding neutral colors, varied surfaces, and textiles. The last touch is giving a black accent to create a contemporary cottage, not a log cabin.

Even when you use wood ceiling beams, it makes the entire home has a natural look. Enrich the design by adding earthy-inspired decor elements such as a wooden dining table, deer head, and others.

Can you create a chic style with wooden ceiling beams? Well, that is possible. To do so, you can start by planning for wooden ceiling beams and raw c
oncrete walls. Next, work for the flooring by adding a stained concrete option. Make sure that the room has a lot of natural light to add a natural element to space. This is the ideal way on how to create a simple, but stylish and chic style to your home.

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