45+ Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design Ideas

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Anytime you are working with the modern farmhouse exterior, the first key to keep is the paint colors. The rule is about choosing a crisp paint such as black, white, or natural wood. Even you can combine those colors for your exterior. For example, it is great to use high glossy black for the door and the modern house numbers to complete the white wall.

Next, it is a modern twist when you decide to have barn-style doors with the pattern. Choose white for the doors to give a modern look. This door looks perfect when you add black door handles with a sleek design.

Another essential thing you should know about the modern farmhouse design is that you can incorporate old and new things. For instance, it is good to have a modern door with rustic antique wall mounted lighting.

Now, the question is that it is possible to combine different styles to achieve modern farmhouse design? Absolutely! This design allows you to add rustic elements, even more than industrial, and vice versa. The combination of modern and industrial style is great to show off with the presence of some rustic elements and pops of wood.

Also, the principle to have a modern farmhouse style to complete your home exterior is about using black metal, shades of white and aged wood. Additionally, it is wrong to say that the farmhouse style must be rustic. It is all about how you can combine elegant and soft design at the same time.

So, the common features of the modern farmhouse are white wood, warm wood, clean-lined pieces, soft pieces, warm colors, and more textures. You also have the opportunity to try a great combination of different eras. For example, it is great to have white walls with a crisp look, a farm table in rustic design, and a black industrial style for the lighting. Well, check our galleries and you can find everything about it!

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