35+ Marvelous Cottage Bathroom Ideas Picture and Decor

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A bathroom in a cottage will commonly be small in size which needs serious attention in terms of the bathroom decor. It is going to be far more than just about beautifying the look of the bathroom space. Functionality is a crucial thing for a bathroom. Therefore in a very limited space, a bathroom needs to be highly functional without neglecting the look of the entire area for more comfortable use of the bathroom.

To maximize the tight space of a cottage bathroom, focusing on the layout is important. Everything that is needed to be inside the bathroom will have to be arranged properly with the minimum use of floor space. It leads to the possibility of using floating items. Many items for a bathroom will not need to use the floor space. There are even floating toilets to maximize the tight bathroom space.

Other than dealing with the layout, the color scheme of the bathroom decor needs to be the right one. Dark colors will create a feeling of smaller space. Thus it is recommended to use bright tones all around the bathroom space for a visually larger feel of the area. It is advisable to avoid using patterns inside the bathroom which will reduce the visual space. This matter needs to be supported by the right lighting scheme.

Adding a large mirror is a good idea for a tight space bathroom. A mirror as wide as the wall where it is placed will be nice for sure. Whenever possible it is okay to maximize the use of natural lighting of the sun during the day. It needs the use of frosted glass windows or frosted skylights. That will help saving up the use of electricity as well. A cottage bathroom can still be good looking and highly functional.

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