40+ Cozy Modern Farmhouse Apartment Living Room Decorating Ideas

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Modern farmhouse gives a timeless setting. Therefore, it is a popular choice for home or apartment design. There are some common features in this style. For example, you can use organic material or neutral colors. Even better, there are many farmhouse styles that incorporate modern updates. This way is what you need to give a more appealing look to your living room.

Additionally, it is possible for you to revamp your living room with this style. It only needs a few changes to do. For example, you should create an open concept like barn doors. Other than that, it is wrong to say that the modern farmhouse style should have a rustic look.

You can try to create an open living room by adding a glass-paned wall. This is the modern touch to complete your living room. Even better, you can add vertical shiplap and lighting fixtures with industrial style.

In fact, modern farmhouse offers an adaptable design. So, you can combine it with other trends for designing your living room. For example, it is perfect to match the art deco mirror with a Persian rug and horizontal shiplap. This is what you need to make your living room looks transitional. Even better, the addition of a modern sofa and a coffee table can give a more inviting look.

Next, add something that can make the living room can speak for its unique look. For instance, it is possible to incorporate organic construction materials like using farmhouse construction elements. Here, the combination of the wood ceiling and the exposed stone wall can be the best way to create an eye-catching look. After that, complete the decor by having simple and modern furnishings.

Need more ideas? Well, you can get everything here. We have collected some best images of the modern farmhouse living room in an apartment or in a house. We hope that these images can help!

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