5 Fabulous Quaint And Homely In The City

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Did you know that currently, the design of a quaint-style house is in demand by some people, especially in urban areas? This design is interesting because it optimizes all the available space in the room.

Interestingly again, the objects are not compatible with one another, but still placed in one room and prioritize neatness in arranging objects in the space. Whether it’s like a book in a closet, a chair, or a photo on the wall.

This quaint design does not prioritize art as the main thing in its appearance, but rather the value of functions that can be utilized in the space. For this reason, it can be seen if this design makes them free to express their tastes without any limitations. But one thing, neat.

Even so, a space that carries the concept of quaint design still adopts color adjustments between the interior and the decoration materials in it. Like the use of brown in this interior to match it with a variety of furniture made of wood which is brown too.

There are several reasons why people who specifically live in urban areas have begun to like this quaint interior design. One of them is the impression it has, which is concise. Color adjustments are also easy to apply.

Like if you want to use several colors in this room, you can divide some areas later. For example for the area below, you can use brown color so that it adapts to various existing furniture.

Then for the top, you can choose a bright white color so that it displays a peaceful and bright impression throughout the room of course. Then you can combine it using white lighting or use chandelier decoration accessories that uses white to match it.
For more details, a few examples below can help you see how attractive this design is.

image source : pinterest.com

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